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Study Skills

STUDYIs your child unsure of how or when to begin studying for the big test? Is your child disorganized and missing assignments?

If you answered yes, then your child could benefit from one of our Study Skills programs. With a mastery of study skills, students are better equipped to tackle every school assignment with confidence.

Our study skills assessment addresses topics such as:

  • individual learning styles and strategies
  • time management and organization
  • taking notes in class and from texts
  • research and projects
  • preparing for and taking tests
  • and much more______________

Study Skills program options include:

  • Learning Study Skills: a 20 hour course that introduces a broad range of study skills.
  • Applying Study Skills: instruction using study skills as applied to a student’s school needs.
  • Study Skills at a Glance: targeted 2 ½ hour workshops in specific skills areas, such as test taking.

Middle School Success Tools Workshop

How to Study for Tests Workshop

Once study skills are learned, they can be practiced and applied in our Homework Support program.


  • How to Study for Tests

    Middle School Boy

    Few things are more frustrating for students than studying for a test but still doing poorly on it.  They are baffled about how and why it has happened and so they have no idea how to correct the problem. Too often, while students think they studied,  they really didn’t.  Countless times, I have asked students how ...

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  • SAT Test Prep Programs


    SAT Test Preparation The Lindero Learning SAT Test Prep program familiarizes the student with the content and structure of the test.  The student learns strategies for maximizing his or her score on this standardized test and reviews any core skills areas (Math, Reading, and Writing) that need improvement. Lindero Learning Center specializes in individualized and customized programs.  To determine ...

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  • Math Facts: Fun Ways to Improve at Home

    math facts

    For many children, flash cards are the most boring thing in the world.  Nevertheless, they are also an excellent tool to learn math facts, i.e. the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tables.  The only way to get children away from counting on their fingers is rote memorization, which requires structured drilling.  Many first, second, and ...

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  • College Readiness & Elementary Students


    How well do our school systems prepare our children for college? Today, ACT, the writers of one of the college entrance exams, came out with its annual report on high school students’ college readiness. The news is dismal; according to them, only one-fourth of our children are ready for college. (Click HERE to see report.)  Granted, this ...

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  • Careless math mistakes can be deadly: a tutor’s advice

    careless math mistake

    Has your child ever studied hard for a math test, clearly knew the material, and yet bombed the test?  A closer look often reveals the problem: those troublesome careless math mistakes. Many students dismiss them: “Oh, it was just a careless mistake. I know how to do the problem correctly.” Well, they may indeed know ...

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  • Back to School: 7 Tips for Parents of Middle School Students

    For many students, the transition from elementary to middle school can be both frightening and exhilarating. They want to reach for independence, but still need the support and guidance of parents (although they may not want to admit it). Parents, also, can find the transition difficult. They have to walk a delicate line between providing ...

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  • What’s the real issue: study skills or reading comprehension?


    “Learning to read,” to most people, means learning how to read or learning the mechanics of reading. Since some children struggle with the process, parents immediately think of hiring a reading tutor to help out. In his recent blog, Art Meisler from Think Tutoring does a great job discussing the issues parents need to consider ...

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  • More articles coming soon!

    Common Core Assessent

    Our goal is to become your #1 resource for information regarding your child’s education. Soon we will be adding articles regarding how your child learns, how the system teaches and tests, and much, much more. Thank you for visiting…and come back often!

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